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Bridging the Cultural Gap

“We are the sum total of our life experiences.”

We all view life through our own lens. Our experiences shape not only how we communicate, but also how we work with one another. To us, “bridging the cultural gap” means that we each have our own paradigms and cultural experiences that make us the unique communicators that we are. We understand that various life perspectives exist and and effective communication involves more than just translating. The root of effective communication is ensuring that everyone in the room understands one another. As interpreters, we appreciate that language and communication are about more than words.

A guiding philosophy of ASL Interpreters, Inc. is that sign language interpretation is not just about providing communication access to deaf consumers, it’s also about providing the same access to hearing consumers. To us, part of providing quality sign language interpreting services is ensuring that the communication needs of both deaf and hearing individuals are met.